Reservoir Engr: Bourdet Derivative for Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)

Anthony Jimenez
29 August 2021

Objective of this work

This jupyter notebook is based on the published SPE 12777 paper by Bourdet, D., Ayoub, J.A., and Pirard, Y.M.

Using Table 1 of the paper, corresponding to Buildup 2, the pressure change is plotted and the compute_pressure_derivative() function is utilized to output a smoothened, 3-point pressure derivative array.

With this "de-noised" pressure derivative, flow regime analysis is more easily applicable. Further, it is noticed that there are potentially dual porosity effects visible. In future articles, these flow regimes will be analyzed using superposition time and pseudo-steady state dual porosity models.

1) Import necessary libraries

2) Load pressure buildup (PBU) data

3) Main function for computing pressure derivative

4) Generate output plot